Mission Projects

10% of all funds raised in the ReNEW! Capital Campaign will be given to Missions.

- 5% to Global Mission Projects

- 5% to Local Mission Projects

To identify projects to consider, we contacted:

  • Our church’s current local and global mission partners. Each mission partner was invited to submit a proposal describing how they would use the funds. We sought to respect and strengthen current partnerships. 
  • Our denomination’s leaders: Mark Stromberg (NWC Superintendent), and Al Tizon (Executive Minister of Serve Globally for the Evangelical Covenant Church). We wanted to cast a wider net for possible new ministries to fund. 

The Impact Team considered 8 global and 6 local project proposals. Five projects were recommended by the Impact Team for funding, which the Leadership Team approved. If the ReNEW! Capital Campaign exceeds goals for funds raised, and all initial projects are fully funded, then additional mission projects may be added.

Guidelines used to evaluate projects:

  • We sought projects where our funds could have the greatest impact. These include projects outside of normal, ongoing budget needs, or from people/organizations that don’t have a broad funding base.
  • Our preference was to fund a few projects significantly,  rather than give smaller amounts to many projects.
  • We prioritized projects that reflect ECC values: Importance of God’s word, ministries reaching people of all ages for Jesus (especially children & youth), and helping people in hard places.
  • These funds will be given over a 1-3 year period, and so should be viewed as “starter/seed money,” rather than a long-term commitment.
  • We were looking for “dream” projects - projects that people recognized as addressing a pressing need, but were held back due to lack of funding.

Here are the projects we are excited to fund through the ReNEW! Capital Campaign!

Global Projects:

  • Completion of Amnuay Sook Training & Retreat Center in Northern Thailand, with support for the Bright Future Children’s Project. 
  • Colombia Covenant Church initiative addressing issues related to domestic violence.
  • Translation of the 4 Gospels for a remote people group in South Sudan.

Local Projects:

  • Addition of a Northwest Conference pastoral staff position to provide greater support for Hispanic pastors, churches and ministries.
  • Funds to help launch Encircled, a program to help youth identify and live out their God-purpose (encircled.org).

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