Life Groups

Life Groups @ ECC

One of the most important aspects of life together in the Church is gathering in friendship – to share our lives and grow in faith. We’d love for you to find a place of connection in an ECC Life Group.

Life Groups are gatherings of three or more people who meet regularly to explore the Bible, build and strengthen supportive relationships, and spend time praying for one another.

Our passion at ECC is to see God’s people connect in community and to grow in life, faith and friendship, holding fast to the biblical call for the Church to not give up meeting together and to continue encouraging one another.

You can join an existing group – or you may consider starting your own Life Group…


If you’re not one to go out and start your own group, simply fill out the form below and our Life Group Team will contact you and help find a group that will work for you.

Or, if you’d first like to try out an Alpha Course small group (which is a great, short-term intro to a Life Group experience) take a look at our Alpha page.


Find two or more friends – they could be friends in your neighborhood or people you know from worship or from your prior Alpha small group. For guidance on how to recruit and run a Life Group, you can download the ECC Life Group Leaders’ Guide.

You can register your group below so we can stay in touch and provide you with resources and support. Then, we suggest you chose a format to help guide your conversations – either using readings from the Bible, thematic book-based studies, or a video resource.