Day 34 (3/27)

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Day 34 (3/27)

Scripture Reading: Review 2 Kings 5
Written by Bo Blumenshine


God’s transformative power is at the heart of Naaman’s story. Naaman undergoes a complete and absolute transformation in 2 Kings. His body was healed, his heart softened, and his pride was traded for humble devotion.

In my life the mundane often affects my capacity for seeing God’s wonders. It is slipping into automatic and forgetting to pay attention. Thankfully God has blessed me with a four-year-old daughter and she is always tuned-in.

Together Svea and I love to dream up new adventures. It’s one of our favorite games. Recently, upon visiting the North Pole, Svea effortlessly explained transformative power. Our ride on the Christmas train had brought us to the home of the Narwhal. Svea then proclaimed, “When I see the baby narwhal I will touch her horn and she will turn into a unicorn. Then we will fly through the sky together.” The imagery made me laugh and I thought her exposition was simply brilliant.

Focusing on worldly qualities can cloud our vision, but we were created by God’s awesome power. And Jesus touches our hearts and frees our souls.

Where have you witnessed God’s transformative power?