Building enhancements

An additional area of ReNEW!al is our facilities, which serve as an important tool for ministry. We have been richly  blessed with amazing facilities at ECC, and our desire is to continue investing and updating them to best serve future generations of ministry. The ReNEW! Campaign, priorities are:

KITCHENS: (And Serving Ministries)

  • The kitchens (serving ministries) are the most used spaces in the church and have served to “get us by” for a large number of weekly and special events. 
  • A fully equipped kitchen that is better able to support numerous ministries, including TreeHouse dinners, Wednesday Night Suppers, preschool, Sunday school, funerals, weddings, and all-church meals.
  • A renovated “catering kitchen” upstairs (off the Fireside Room) that will better support the weekly “Café” serving, Communion, wedding showers, and other informal gathering in the Fireside Room.
  • Revise storage and serving capabilities.
  • Replace aging (or failing) cabinetry and some appliances.
  • Upgraded kitchens will more effectively allow volunteers to promote hospitality.

SANCTUARY: (Worship)

  • Maintain the beautiful aesthetic of our sanctuary worship space. 
  • Refresh surfaces and finishes (carpeting, paint, upholstery, etc.). 
  • Improve flexibility of the chancel platform for musicians and worship leaders. 
  • Enhance the worship experience for everyone (better sound, lighting, projection, air flow). 
  • Renew the audio/visual technology to ensure a good worship experience for all worshipers.

LOBBY/NARTHEX/FIRESIDE ROOM: (Welcoming and Fellowship Spaces)

  • Improve the movement of people and their hospitality experience before and after services.
  • Tie together the foyer, narthex, and fireside room into a more cohesive space.
  • Enhance our ability to effectively serve Sunday Café and other events.
  • Increase flexibility of the Common Areas while maintaining a Fireside meeting space (for classes, showers, receptions, etc.).

The enhancement projects will begin once debt is paid off and pledged funds are available to pay for the projects (likely in late 2019/2020).

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