Senior High at home

Senior High Gatherings are looking at little bit different these days! 

Instead of meeting together on Sundays and Wednesdays we will be doing a daily devotional (Daily 13) during the weekdays, a blog, and a variety of Hangouts - all on Zoom

Check out the information below so you know what to put on your calendar (now that you took everything else OFF of your calendar...)

Email Peter for the Zoom links and to be added to the distribution list.

Anyone is welcome - you do not have to attend ECC to participate!

  • Zoom Wednesdays

    Each Wednesday at 7pm; our time will consist of community, teaching, reflection questions, and response. Join us whether you have been around or are new!

  • the Daily 13 - Zoom

    Join us each weekday at 13:00 (that's 1pm y'all) for a quick devotional. The format of the time will vary, including discussing content from the blog, reading scripture together, and doing group spiritual practices. 

  • The Daily 13 - Blog

    We have launched a blog! It's pretty awesome. Posts will be reflections by Peter Frost (Senior High Pastor) and Alison (Senior High Intern). Students (and their parents) are invited to read and discuss. These posts will periodically show up on The Daily 13 Zoom call. Find the blog here!