Community Groups


At Excelsior Covenant Church our hope is that every person finds a place to connect with others in significant ways.  We celebrate the relationships that form across generations but also strive to create places where individuals can meet and form friendships with others in their age/stage of life.  Community groups exist for that purpose.  


Cornerstones (70’s and above)

Excelsior Covenant’s Cornerstones are our older adults, growing in Christ and in relationships with one another.  They love to get together to tell and hear stories, to encourage one another and to share life together.  They gather periodically for events both at the church and outside. 


Koinonians (50's and 60's)

The Koinonians (the name is taken from the Greek word for fellowship) are a growing group of adults in their fifties and sixties.  This group loves to get together and celebrate friendships based on Christ.  The Koinonians are single and married, working and retired (or dreaming of retirement), and welcoming to anyone who wants to join them.  They are aunts and uncles, parents and even grandparents. 


Foundations (30's & 40's)

Adults in the early-to-mid stages of growing-up families, this engaging community encourages us to follow Jesus.  The Foundations women get together several times a year for different events.   


Young Adults (20's)

The ECC Young Adults can often be found volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.  The group is planning on ramping up their activities.  If you would like more information about the group, contact Martin Beukhof at 952-4704-4701.  Contact the church office ( to be added to the contact list.