Kids Ministry Offering!

One afternoon, I heard a little voice coming up the stairs saying repeatedly, "that drives me nuts!  That just drives me nuts!"  Have you had a moment like this?  You hear your son or daughter repeating something they've heard before?  Where did they pick that up?  From you?  Kids pick up habits, sayings, patterns, and attitudes from the big people around them.

At ECC, we love kids in worship for this same reason above, kids learn how to worship the God who created them and loves them from the "big people" around them.  During worship, we invite kids to listen, watch, learn, sing, pray and lead lives of generosity.

The Children's Ministry Team desires for our kids to also participate in worship as we share our offerings back to God.  Instead of kids sharing an offering during our kids ministry on Sunday mornings (Sept.-May), we are inviting kids to participate during worship.  For the Months of July and August, we are taking a children's offering to benefit the ICA food shelf.  Summer time is a difficult time for many families to feed their kids... even in our community.  Every 3-4 months, we will focus our children's offering on a new mission project.

With Kid's Ministry offering envelopes located in each pew, we invite kids to place their money in the envelope with their name on it and put it in the offering plate.  We will have a poster in the lobby to help the kids see the amount raised and how it helps meet a real need.  Talk as a family in advance.  Share with your kids this new way to participate in worship.

Let's help our kids model what the "big people" do in worship, even in generous living.

Pastor Steve Anderson